[Webinar] Taking the Guesswork Out of PPC Funnels

Join Amy Hebdon, Director of Paid Search and Jesse Teske, Marketing Analyst at Blast for our recent webinar, providing you with an in-depth look at how to drive the right conversions.

Your sales team says your PPC leads aren't ready to buy. Your VP wants to know why the conversion counts in Google Analytics don't match AdWords. Your aren't quite sure which Form Submits are tracking as goal. Fear not, worried marketer, we've got answers and solutions for the lead generation problems that trouble you.

Watch this webinar and get real answers for building PPC funnels that grow your business:
  • Pull back the curtain to see how Google Analytics and AdWords share conversion data (and learn to reconcile different conversion counts and attribution models)
  • Learn to build the right PPC messaging and strategy for each entry point of the customer journey
  • Find the best content for micro-conversions that actually lead to macro-conversions, and how to augment your strategy with CRM & marketing automation platforms

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